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Jocelyne Cardenas

Makeup is only skin deep, which is why Jocelyne (they/them) has a strong love for instilling confidence in one's beauty. Providing more than a touch and go service, Jocelyne believes in sharing their education with each client from their skin or makeup routine to their after-care and maintenance.

Jocelyne was first exposed to the beauty industry as a preteen, working alongside their mother, a master hair stylist and colourist, in the hair salon for many years. Once taking further interest into their own career, Jocelyne began to pursue their own artistry and graduated from prestigious makeup college, CMU, the College of Makeup and Design

To further understand each clients' complexion needs, they have also received skin analysis training with skin care experts Dermalogica.  Jocelyne is also certified by Montreal locals: Xtreme Lashes, for lash extension services. Most recently, Jocelyne continues to further their own education with trainings from The Lash Shop & The Brow Shop.

Jocelyne has received an exceptional education from multiple certifications, from their time working for MAC Cosmetics, and through on hand experiences working on multiple sets with a wide range of clientele. 


With the growth, and new discoveries made constantly in the beauty industry, Jocelyne tries to remain educated on new products, knowledge, and trends.


While being a mobile makeup artist, Jocelyne has a wonderful, private studio in the Toronto GTA at Glo-C Hair Art. Here you can find them working on private appointments, creative shoots, and building their business each day.

Jocelyne focuses greatly on their career in the beauty industry, but is also very involved in the performing arts across the city. You can find them performing at multiple events during the year throughout the city, dancing with The Supreme Kiki House of Siriano or hanging out with their family of 2 petite dogs. Jocelyne enjoys coffee (a daily necessity), ice cream, and dreams about bringing their career into the fashion industry. They hope to continue working with other great artists and furthering their education.

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