• Soft-Glam Beauty Makeup for any occasion!

    1 hr

    95 Canadian dollars
  • For all on-location makeup within the Toronto GTA

    2 hr

    100 Canadian dollars
  • A light makeup for a natural look, or a focus on a feature

    30 min

    45 Canadian dollars
  • All eyes on the bride mean her makeup and hair better look snatched!

    2 hr

    125 Canadian dollars
  • Learn step by step how to use your own makeup and brushes

    30 min

    40 Canadian dollars
  • Learn how to apply your makeup with professional help from a distance.

    30 min

    30 Canadian dollars
  • Long-Lasting/Water-Resistant application for your fav False Lashes!

    15 min

    15 Canadian dollars
  • Productions who require a makeup and/or hair artist for talent

    12 hr

    Email With Info
  • For a clean and groomed look

    25 min

    35 Canadian dollars

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