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Find the following after care instructions after receiving a lash and/or brow service

Prior Care

For all appointments, please arrive with a clean face without any makeup. 

Skin may be moisturized and/or with skin protection. 

Hair should be clean,  washed and dry upon arrival

Soft Skin

Lash Lifts

The following 24 hours of receiving a lash lift require minimal but crucial care in order to maintain long lasting results.

 The First 24 Hours:​

  • don’t get your eyelashes wet for a minimum of 24-48 hrs

  • don’t wear mascara or any eye makeup products

  • don’t rub your eyes

  • don’t go swimming 

  • don’t sweat

  • don’t enter a sauna (high humidity will also reverse your lift) 

  • don’t sleep on your face. Recommended to try sleeping on your back

  • don’t use oil-based products

  • do not use a lash curler (following 24 hours as well).

Your lashes have gone through a chemical process and are delicate. 

Brush your lashes as needed with the mascara wand you are provided. 

Lash curlers are not recommended to avoid breaking the delicate lash hairs. If you are seeing your natural lash growth beginning (straight/downward lashes), you may book your following appointment at minimum 4-6 weeks from your last appointment. 

Apply a lash serum/oil to nourish the hairs and promote healthy lash growth 48 hrs following the procedure and as needed.

Mascara and eye makeup can be worn following the 48hrs after the service.


Brow Lamination

Care for your brows following a lamination treatment is easy and minimal.

For the first 48 hours, you should treat your brows with care.

The First 24-48 Hours:​

  • avoiding getting them wet (including swimming & sweating)

  • avoid humid conditions (steam baths and saunas).

  • avoid contact with sunlight exposure due to skin sensitivity

  • do not wear any brow products or makeup 

  • do not touch brow area to avoid oil transfer & budging 
    (*brow hairs are still setting and can ruin treatment)

After this time, you can simply brush the brow hairs into place every morning or as needed with a spoolie/mascara wand. Apply a nourishing/conditioning treatment as needed.

Brow Lamination
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